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YIELD the Power


Mary Lee Ahern

DJMC & YIELD Coordinator


(312) 640-2119

Workshops to engage and empower students with disabilities

YIELD the Power Workshops teach students with disabilities self-advocacy and leadership skills. By learning about disability culture and the disability rights movement, YIELD students become empowered members of the disability community. 

Kids working together on a poster.
Students sit together around a table. They are creating a colorful poster that says ‘YIELD the Power.’

Program Criteria

  • YIELD must be offered through a public, private, or charter school
  • The classroom must be comprised entirely of students with disabilities
  • Participating students must fill out the YIELD enrollment packet prior to the first workshop (packets can be emailed to teachers in advance).
  • Students must be at least 14 years old

YIELD Workshop Basics

  • Workshops are two hours long and are scheduled by teachers and Access Living staff
  • Workshops take place once a week for four consecutive weeks (Note: if a class requires a shorter workshop or has specific needs, the program can be customized for the teacher and students.)

Workshop Sessions

  • Session 1: A YIELD Coordinator comes to the school to get to know the students, evaluate how best to help them learn, and determine how to tailor the program to meet students’ needs.
  • Sessions 2 to 4: Students learn about autonomy and choice, the disability rights movement, disability leadership, accommodations, disability language, and more.
  • Additional topics and lesson plans can be added as needed.

How do I get YIELD at my school?

If you are an educator, student, parent, or guardian interested in having a YIELD Workshop in your school, please contact our Youth Team or fill out the form below.

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