Consulting & Training


Ashley Eisenmenger

Disability Inclusion Training Specialist

What is the Disability Inclusion Institute?

The Disability Inclusion Institute is Access Living’s Consulting and Training arm service. With over 40 years of lived experience and professional experience in disability, Access Living works on an individual basis to meet the needs of its clients.

We have worked with a variety of nonprofit, civil, and corporate entities to create more inclusive and accessible opportunities for community members and employees and to better educate our partners on disability etiquette as well as implementing long-lasting organizational or company practices regarding disability.

We Consult and Train On:

The Disability Inclusion Institute has hosted a wide variety of training workshops, discussions, evaluations, and seminars on a wide variety of topics. We work hard to ensure that each of our deliverables meet the needs specific to our client; therefore, no one Inclusion Institute engagement is the same.

Some of the things we consult and train on are:

  • Disability Education
  • Disability Rights History
  • Ableism
  • Disability Language
  • Hidden or Non-Apparent Disabilities
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Event Accessibility
  • Creating Inclusive Opportunities in the Workplace
  • Hiring and Retaining Disabled Talent
  • Custom course offerings

Why Work With Us?

We’ve seen an increasing need for education around disability in professional settings. We recognize that the topic of disability can be overwhelming and intimidating. We approach these conversations in a very hands-on and collaborative way. We frame disability in approachable ways and create space for questions and conversation that might not otherwise exist in a training ow workshop. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle topics in ways that leave our clients enthused and engaged as opposed to guilty or unprepared.