Website Accessibility Statement


We believe everyone should have access to digital content

At Access Living, we are committed to producing and sharing the most accessible content we can on this website and on our social media platforms. 

Just as our building was designed to be accessible and welcoming to the greatest number of people with and without disabilities, we are working to design and build a fully accessible website that tells you more about who we are and how you can get involved.

Most of our site meets AAA accessibility standards, while certain parts meet AA accessibility standards as determined by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Accessibility features include:

  • The ability to increase and decrease font size
  • The ability to adjust color contrast
  • The presence of clear tagging, image captions, and alt tags.
  • More to come

We know there are still barriers to access on our site, and we don’t have all the answers – or the power to immediately change existing platforms that aren’t as accessible as the should be. But we’ll continue to advocate for better digital access across platforms and to work toward building a fully accessible digital home for Access Living.

In the meantime, take a look at the digital accessibility principles we’re using as our guide from our friends at Rooted In Rights, and please reach out to us with questions or suggestions.

We hope you enjoy our website!