COVID-19 Resources for the Disability Community


COVID-19 Resources for the Disability Community

Last updated: 1:00pm, 11/30/21

In light of developments in the outbreak of COVID-19 across the country, Access Living will continue to support our community in a multitude of ways, including creating and maintaining the below list of resources.

Please note: This is a living document. Information will be updated as it changes or becomes available.

Table of Contents

Recently Added

Accessible Tech Resources

Booster Shots

City and State Updates and News

Communications Access Assistance

Disability Health Information & Resources



Long Covid

Parents and Teachers

Pet Aid

Relief Funds


Vaccine Information

Resource Archive

Below are resources we found and published in the first few months of the pandemic. While they are no longer immediately relevant, they may still come in handy.

Collective Care, Caregiving, and Organizing

Coronavirus Preparedness