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Emergency Back Up Personal Assistant Program

Access Living,
Illinois Department of Human Services
Have you ever had your Personal Assistant quit at the last minute?
Have they failed ot show and not even call?
Have all your backups backed out?
There’s a free program out there that can help!

What is the Emergency Backup PA Program?
This pilot program is coordinated by Access Living of Metro Chicago and Progress Center for Independent Living in Forest Park.

This Back Up PA Service was created to address certain emergency personal assistance needs between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 noon by dispatching a Certified Nursing Assistant to help the consumer with getting out of bed, eating, toileting and a other urgent needs.

This service is a new and still expanding program provided jointly by Access Living and the Progress Center for Independent Living. It provides emergency services to people getting home services through the state of Illinois Home Service Program and who are enrolled in the program which currently serves only some designated areas of Cook County. Consumers, if qualified, can sign up for the program with the Back-up PA Program Coordinator.
Kristina Reis
Personal Assistant Coordinator