Lawyer’s Advisory Committee

Access Living’s Lawyers Advisory Committee advises the direction of Access Living’s Civil Rights work. The committee’s organizing principles are:

Furthering Access Living’s Mission: The Committee will provide advice and assistance to Access Living’s board, officers and staff as requested from time to time on matters relating to the advancement of Access Living’s mission as “a cross-disability organization governed and staffed by a majority of people with disabilities devoted to fostering the dignity, pride and self-esteem of people with disabilities and enhancing the options available to them so that they may choose individualized and satisfying lifestyles.” (From AL Mission Statement.

Placement of Cases: The Committee will assist Access Living staff in placing cases with cooperating attorneys. This may involve making recommendations to staff as to possible avenues to pursue in obtaining cooperating counsel for particular matters or cases, as well as directly contacting attorneys with whom Committee members have relationships in order to solicit those persons’ involvement as cooperating attorneys.

Provide Guidance to Access Living Legal and Support Staff:
The Committee will advise and counsel Access Living’s civil rights enforcement work in connection with proposed or pending cases, investigations and advocacy efforts. This will include providing ideas for potential cases or advocacy efforts that Access Living might pursue in order to further its objective of enforcing and guaranteeing the civil rights of people with disabilities. Committee members who feel that substantive discussion of a particular case or matter would raise concerns for any reason under the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct will recuse themselves from any such discussion.

Civil Rights & Legal Work


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