Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, Access Living responds to thousands of Information and Referral calls, answering questions that range from finding accessible bus routes to accessible cooking classes.

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions, with answers:

Q: Where can I find accessible, affordable and integrated housing?
A: Go to our Housing section and click on “View Listings” to review the available housing we can assist you in finding.

Q: Where can I hire a sign language interpreter?
A: Chicago Hearing Society: 773 248 912 or 773 248 9174
Chicago Area Interpreter Referral Services: 312 895 4300

Q: Who do I call for transportation services if I don't ride mainline?
A: RTA ADA Para transit Special Services: 212 913 3200

Q: Who can fix my wheelchair or equipment?
A: National Seating & Mobility: 630 428 9350
Fitzsimmons: 773 881 8700
Metro Rehab Services: 708 361 7060
Rehab Tech: 630 420 8585

Q: Where can I rent or buy a portable ramp?
A: Handi–ramp: 847 816 7525
AM Ramp: 800 649 5215

Q: Where can I get emergency financial help?
A: City of Chicago Helpline: 311
Catholic Charities: 312 655 7502
LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance, grants to help pay utility bills): 312 456 4100

Q: Who can help with my landlord or my residential management company?
A: Metropolitan Tenants Organization: 773 292 4988
Center for Disability and Elder Law: 312 908 4463

Q: How can I get a copy of Access Living's 990 Report or Audited Financials?
A: Contact Jerry Rauman, CFO: 312 640 2109 or by email:

Q: How can I find a Center for Independent Living (CIL) in my area?
A: Visit the online directory of the National Council on Independent Living:

In addition to responding to thousands of questions every year, Access Living's Information and Referral Library has books, videotapes, audiotapes and DVDs. Access Living visitors are free to use these materials at Access Living.


The Life Center at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
The Life Center at RIC is a clearinghouse for many issues related to people with disabilities. Visit the Life Center Website to for information on everything from transportation to peer support services to recreation. Click on the RIC link on the right

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Information and Referral is one of Access Living's core services. Each Access Living program maintains a pool of valuable resources that may be helpful to the Access Living and disability community. Click on the links below for a listing of information and referral resources specific to Access Living programs.

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Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager