Housing Form

Access Living’s Housing Counseling Program Form

Access Living administers a Housing Counseling Program. The Housing Counselor provides group and one-on-one counseling to disabled individuals and families who are seeking information on Fair Housing, Financial Management and Landlord Tenant Rights in reference to rental housing.

In addition, the one-on-one and group education will provide education on housing stability and life skills.

After you submit a housing form, an Access Living staff person will contact you with information about what steps should be taken next in your search for housing. Access Living’s Housing Counseling Program Thanks you for your interest in Access Living's Housing Counseling Program.

Access Living does not own residential housing, but we can assist you in addressing the barriers to fair housing in your search for accessible, affordable and integrated housing. Please complete the information below and submit it to Access Living. The information you provide will help us begin the process. After you submit the housing form, our Accessible Housing Coordinator will contact you with information about what are the next steps.

Housing Form

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