Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH)

The Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing promotes the availability of and access to affordable, decent housing, and supports low- and moderate-income households in metropolitan Chicago.

LCBH was established in 1980 by a small group of lawyers concerned about deteriorating apartment buildings in their Rogers Park neighborhood. Today, LCBH’s attorneys take their community outreach work steps further by assisting tenants throughout Chicagoland who face these deteriorating conditions.

For over 20 years, LCBH has been the premier public interest law firm specializing in housing law and policy in Chicago. LCBH provides free legal services to poor tenants in a way that impacts the affordable housing crisis to the greatest extent possible. In the Chicagoland area, there are approximately two lower income families for every affordable housing unit. Today, LCBH serves nearly 3,000 tenants from all over Chicago each year on issues relating to their housing.

LCBH believes that safe, stable housing is the essential foundation for families to become part of the mainstream of society. Families must have a decent place to live in order to maintain steady employment, to properly rear and nurture their children, and to become well-functioning members of their neighborhoods and communities.

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