(This program is not offered at this time) Home Again Program

Transitioning Seniors Back to the Community

Access Living
The Home Again Program offers assistance in leaving nursing homes for people over the age of 60. The program helps people to move into a furnished apartment after leaving the nursing home and provides case management as the person adjusts to community living.

Our Mission
To transition seniors back to the community with appropriate support and Assistance so they can, once again, live independently with dignity and improved quality of life.

Home Again is a free program that provides experienced professionals bringing in-depth support and assistance to seniors who desire to move out of nursing homes and back Home Again.

Services include
- counseling & Evalution
- Locating Housing
- Furnishing / Clothing
- Care Attendant / Homemaker
- Security Deposit / Utilities
- Links to Medical, Transportation
- and other programs to assist you

Who is Eligible
- Nursing Home Resident
- 60 or older
- Currently living in the city of Chicago
- Having Assets under $12,500
- Displaying a strong desire and capability to move back home

A FREE program brought to you by
The Chicago Department on Aging,
Access Living, Catholic Charities
and Housing Opportunities and Maintenance
for the Elderly

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Monica Heffner
Community Reintegration Coordinator