The Access Living Disability Inclusion Institute

Welcome to the Disability Inclusion Institute!


The Disability Inclusion Institute will enhance disability cultural competency, and employment and participation opportunities for people with disabilities, in corporate, academic, and non–profit environments


The Disability Inclusion Institute will support and guide the evolution of workplace and academic environments to become fully inclusive, and supportive of qualified, talented and skilled persons with disabilities; where the value, contribution level and impact of disability inclusion is directly linked to the overall success of the enterprise


Courses and workshops offered are designed to assist users in addressing the general technical and cultural aspects of accessing, acquiring and fully utilizing persons with a disability

oADA 101
oHistory of the Disability Rights Movement
oWhat is Ableism?
oInvesting in Professionals with Disabilities
oDisability Inclusion – Best Practices

oY Self – ID?
oDisability Culture
oHow to Host an Accessible Event
oEmployee Self–Advocacy Toolkit
oUnderstanding the Disability Experience

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For nearly 40 years, Access Living has served as a leader in the disability rights community. Our network allows us access to an unparalleled reservoir of knowledge and expertise on issues related to disability cultural competency.

Disability Inclusion Institute Speakers Bureau members are available for –

oCorporate Retreats
oBoard Events & Panel Discussions
oAcademic Lectures
oDiscussion Forums
oKeynote Addresses

Targeted topics can include –

oBusiness Case for Disability Inclusion
oInclusive Language & Disability
oDisability Awareness
oProfessional / Personal Disability Etiquette
oDisability Culture Competency & Leadership

(Offerings can be modified by industry, or audience)

Disability Inclusion Institute CONSULTING SERVICES

As an equal opportunity minority group, persons with a disability are not exclusive to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, marital status, class, region, or any other demographic.

Disability is a natural part of the human condition, experienced personally by nearly 20% of the U.S. population. Addressing and resolving environmental and attitudinal barriers encountered by those with a disability, is the business opportunity of this century.

Guiding the development and maintenance of a fully inclusive and universally accessible workplace, will position companies, academic institutions and other organizations, for long term success with both their internal human assets, and external customer base. There is a clear, direct line connecting the underutilized talent available in our population to improved products and enhanced results.

Consulting Services will focus on, but not be limited to:

oCulture & Leadership
oEnterprise Wide Access
oEmployment Practices
oCommunity Engagement & Support

The ACCESS LIVING Advantage!

“Nothing About Us without Us” is our motto. Direct participation and input by internal and external professionals with disabilities, in a consulting and advisory relationship, is critical to developing practical, sustainable and universal solutions, resulting in increased retention, and enhanced performance and product outcomes.

Access Living and the Disability Inclusion Institute are at the forefront of the disability rights movement, removing barriers so people with disabilities can live the future they envision

For more information, please contact 312.640.2199, or
Bridget Hayman
Director of Communications