The Future of Social Services in Illinois

City Club Luncheon Event on March 28

On March 28, the City Club of Chicago hosted a lunch panel titled, “The Future of Social Services in Illinois.” The panel included three community leaders sharing insights on the impact of the Illinois Budget Impasse on the social services sector and on Illinois residents. The panel included Wendy DuBoe, President and CEO of the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago; Ric Estrada, President and CEO of Metropolitan Family Services; and Marca Bristo, President and CEO of Access Living.

Here is an audio recording of the conversation.

Link to Audio Recording

Here is a written transcript of that conversation.

Link to written transcript

Discussing the event, Access Living Director of Advocacy Amber Smock wrote, “The conversation touched on many key points that are of importance to human services providers and advocates across the state. Marca, Ric and Wendy touched on some of the devastating personal stories of people affected by the budget cuts, not only people who need services but those of people being laid off.”

Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager