Elesha Nightingale

Disability & Incarceration Policy Analyst

(312) 640-2131

Aiming to reduce incarceration of people with disabilities

In 2018, the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge awarded Access Living a one-year planning grant to research, analyze, and report on how to reduce the incarceration of people with disabilities, with an initial focus on the Cook County criminal justice system.

As part of this work, we are reviewing the issues faced by people with disabilities at key decision points in the criminal justice system, from diversion, arrest, and jail booking to reentry back into the community. Our initiative will result in policy recommendations for reducing incarceration of people with disabilities. Our goal is to learn from, support, amplify, and add to existing work on incarceration reduction efforts. 

We are currently interviewing people with disabilities who have been impacted by the Cook County criminal justice system and key system stakeholders. Those who would like to be interviewed or who can help us reach people who should be interviewed, should contact our Disability and Incarceration Policy Analyst.

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