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Access Living’s Advocacy Department, Independent Living Department and Legal Department collaborate together to create real options and freedom for self–determination for people with all kinds of disabilities. Our work creates systemic and community opportunities to protect and exercise our human rights.

You are invited and encouraged to get involved. Lend your voice and effort to initiatives that will support choice and independence for people with disabilities. There are a number of ways to participate.

Get Involved with Access Living’s Advocacy Work: Our Advocacy Department works to create real options and freedom for self-determination of people with all kinds of disabilities.

Become a member of Access: As a member you'll receive our newsletter, vote for the Board of Directors, attend our annual meeting and receive updates about issues concerning the disability community.

Removing Barriers: Be a part of the Removing Barriers Campaign. No matter who we are, each of us can play a part in removing barriers. The more barriers we remove, the more inclusive a community we create for people with and without disabilities.

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Action Alert: Stand Up for Community Integration

OPPOSE HB 6304 and SB 2610

Action Alert to oppose HB 6304 and SB 2610

Action Alert: Home Services Program Overtime Problem

Here is an action alert from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy. The alert calls on people to contact the State and Illinois and urge them to eliminate the overtime cap when implementing the new Department of Labor Rule.

Action Alert: Fill out witness slip to support SB 2262

Senate Bill would increase essential money for CILA Residents

An Action Alert to Support SB 2262 to increase the amount the CILA residents are able to keep from their Social Security Income checks.

Action Needed! Home Services Bill to Be Heard Wednesday

Action Alert for support of HB 4351, which would preserve the DON Score at 29 and protect Home Services for people with disabilities.

Implementation of New Rule forces Wicker Park resident to hire extra PA and threatens his stability

The implementation of new overtime rules in Illinois puts the independence at risk of people with disabilities in the Home Services Program

Take Action: How do you define community?

The public is urged to submit comments regarding the definition of “Community.” The goal is to ensure the definition continues to reflect inclusive, integrated settings.

Action Alert: No on New Home Services Program Overtime Policy

An Action Alert on the New Department of Labor Overtime and Travel time rule

November 10 -- Today is the Day: Take Action on the DON Score before noon

Action Alert for Legislation that impacts the Determination of Need Score. Call Legislators Today

Critical Action Alert on the DON Score Bill

Action Alert on House Bill 2482. Access Living calls for passage of the bill as orginally intended.

Action Alert: Tell Governor Rauner to sign HB 2482

Action Alert on HB 2482, Preserve the Determination of Need Score

Action Alert: Protect the Americans with Disabilities Act from legislative threats

ADA Education and Reform Act poses a threat to the Disability Community, may weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here is an action alert from the National Council on Independent Living

Action Alert on the Determination of Need Score

Action Alert calls on Illinois Residents to contact Governor Rauner and urge him to sign HB 2482

Action Alert: Home Services and the DON

Here is an update on Illinois Budget Issues from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy. The update looks specifically and includes a call to action on two bills that will preserve the Determination of Need Score and will protect services for people with disabilities in the community.

Updates from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy

CPS, Illinois Budget Advocacy updates and more from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy

New Illinois State Budget Developments

An update from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy on new Illinois Budget Developments.

Attack on Illinois TANF, SNAP, Medicaid Right to Appeal

Proposed changes to TANF, SNAP and Medicaid. The changes would make it much harder to appeal termination or denial of services. People are urged to submit written testimony against the changes or to attend a DHS Hearing on the issue next week.

Ticking Clock on State Budget: Disability Advocates, We Need You

Call to Action from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, regarding State Budget in Illinois. Specifically, the alert addresses cuts to services that support people with disabilities living in the community.

Illinois Budget Update Regarding Community Based Programs

Governor Rauner raises Determination of Need Score

A message from Access Living’s Advocacy Manager, Adam Ballard about cuts to the Home Services Program and the Community Care Program. Late Tuesday, the Governor’s office announced that it would seek to raise the Determination of Need score for the Community Care Program

Key Update: Illinois Budget Begins Moving

Here is a budget update from Amber Smock, Access Living’s Director of Advocacy

Action Alert: Medicaid Power Chairs, Seating Systems Delivery and Repair Suspended

Action Alert on the suspension of Complex Rehab Technology Services. This means that, due to the budget crisis, people with disabilities may not have the access they need to adaptive equipment.