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Independent Voices & Taskforce for Attendant Services


Ryan McGraw

Community Organizer – Healthcare

(312) 640-2125

Organizing for Healthcare and Home Services

Independent Voices (IV) and Taskforce for Attendant Services (TFAS) are two individual, but overlapping, organizing groups. Both groups focus on healthcare and home and community-based services, but in different ways.

Independent Voices (IV)

Independent Voices members are nursing home survivors as well as people living in nursing homes who want to move out. Members convene on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month to build community and cultivate activism in current nursing home residents. Find out when IV meets next.

A Black man using a power wheelchair attending a rally for disability healthcare and home services.
A former nursing home resident, Michael Grice is now an active advocate and member of both TFAS and IV.

Taskforce for Attendant Services (TFAS)

Taskforce for Attendant Services is one of Access Living’s oldest advocacy groups; it meets the first Wednesday of every month. It’s made up of consumers with disabilities and personal assistants (PAs). Together, members organize and advocate for programs or campaigns that support personal care workers and independent living for people with disabilities. Find out when TFAS meets next.

For more information on Independent Voices or TFAS, contact Access Living’s Community Organizer for Healthcare.