Recordings: End of Life & Disability Webinar Series


Webinar Series: Palliative Care and Disability + Disability Opposition to Assisted Suicide

In February and April of 2023, Access Living hosted a two-part webinar series on end-of-life care, options, and the disability opposition to assisted suicide. Access Living thanks the panelists from the HAP Foundation, Not Dead Yet, and the Patients’ Rights Action Fund for their time and expertise.

Session One: Palliative Care and Disability – Enhancing Quality of Life with the HAP Foundation

Originally recorded: February 27, 2023

In the first webinar of this series, the conversation centered around measures to enhance quality of life of those nearing the end of life, without taking drastic measures. Access Living was joined by Sarah Dado and Maureen Burns from the HAP Foundation, formerly the JourneyCare Foundation, for a discussion about the value of palliative care, what it is, and the benefits of safer, gentler options for end-of-life care.

Watch Session One:

Session Two: Disability Opposition to Assisted Suicide

Originally recorded: April 5, 2023

This webinar discussed the dangers of physicians assisted suicide for people with disabilities: Aid in dying legislation, under the guise of compassionate care with “safeguards,” cuts lives short instead of providing equitable healthcare. Access Living was joined by guest panelists, Diane Coleman, President and CEO of Not Dead Yet; Anita Cameron, Director of Minority Outreach at Not Dead Yet; and Ian McIntosh, Deputy Director of Disability Outreach at the Patient’s Rights Action Fund, who shared their perspectives and better solutions for us all to have the chance to live as fully as possible at every stage of life. 

Watch Session Two

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