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Our Services


Our Services

Access Living offers services and support for people with disabilities in Chicago. This year, with Access Living’s support:

  • 253 people with disabilities worked with us to learn how to live independently. 89% of participants in this program said they learned useful information about managing finances and the benefits available for people with disabilities.
  • We connected more than 230 disabled people in Chicago to services, supports and adaptive technology that they needed to be more independent.
  • We transitioned 53 people out of nursing facilities and into home and community-based settings.
  • More than 250 people attended classes on affordable housing.
  • More than 170 young people with disabilities worked with us to transition from high school to higher education or employment through our Fast Track and Pre-Employment Transition Services programs.

“I really enjoyed the class. The topics and materials were very informative. I feel capable and comfortable with managing my personal finances. I would recommend this class to others because there is a lot of information that people don’t know about.”

  • More than 40 young people with disabilities were mentored by others with disabilities or gained employment through our programming.
  • Provided 346 consumers with individualized support in hiring Personal Assistants.
  • 57 people took our money management classes and 85% of them have improved their financial position.