Nothing About Us Without Us


Then and Now: Nothing About Us Without Us

Young Professionals Council

The Young Professionals Council (YPC) is a diverse group of young leaders who support Access Living.

This enthusiastic group of young professionals is igniting change. YPC members engage with their peers, grow their professional networks, give of their time and their talents and raise funds to support the work of Access Living – all while having a lot of fun.

Group of young professionals poses by Access Living sign
Members of Access Living’s Young Professionals Council.

This year, the Young Professionals Council hosted a spring fundraiser to support our work and to create awareness for young professionals in Chicago about how we work alongside and advocate for people with disabilities in Chicago to live self-directed lives as independently as possible in the community.

For more information on how to become involved in the Young Professionals Council, email


  • Justin Cooper
  • Rachel Wittenberg 
    Social Media Chair
  • Elizabeth Cummings
  • Laura Maule
    & Friendraising Chair
  • Michelle Bonin 
    Friendraising Chair
  • Ellis Wills-Begley 
    Recruitment Chair


  • John William Abbate
  • Azeema Akram
  • Chris Alessia
  • Natalia Avila
  • Margot Babington
  • Becky Baker
  • Ray Baker
  • Molly M. Bathje
  • Brianna Beck
  • Drew Beres
  • Jasmine Betancourt
  • Maggie Bridger
  • Jenny Burke
  • Jezabel Cardenas
  • Kate Connolly
  • Melissa Dappen
  • Anton Dietzen
  • Abby L. Draper
  • Chelsea Emond
  • Bridget Evans
  • Alicia Gallegos
  • Katie Garvey
  • Tara Giuliano
  • Kevin Griffin
  • Emily Hall
  • Jess Hauert
  • Stephen D. Hiatt-Leonard
  • Russell Houser
  • Rachel Howland
  • Megan Hufnagel
  • Kelsey Ibach
  • Ben Jacobi
  • Leigh Juranitch
  • Ravi Kasi
  • Catherine A. Kistler
  • Kapil Kumar
  • Angela Larson
  • Jonathan Lira
  • Zhiying Ma
  • Chaitanya Manchanda
  • Ashleigh Mansker
  • Amy Mashburn
  • Janie Mejias
  • Abraham Melendez
  • Kaitlin Miller
  • Aziza Nassar
  • Greg Oguss
  • David Pirszel
  • Jessica Pitts
  • Caitlin Regan
  • Sylvie Sabones
  • Elizabeth Schroeder
  • Ray Shipley
  • Morgan Stasell
  • Bradley Stavros Heit
  • Alan Stupnitsky
  • Maggie Sugrue
  • Glenna Sullivan
  • Alex Tapas
  • Kim The
  • Hannah Thompson
  • Ismail Umer
  • Caitlin Urbain
  • Will Vandenberg
  • Amelia Wallrich
  • Kelsey Watters
  • Michael P. Welch
  • Alli Wickes
  • Temaka Williams
  • Elizabeth Wirtz