Support this Artwork by Gordon Sasaki

Glenn, Gordon Sasaki - Embeded
2006 - C-Print Photograph, 36” x 24”
This is an art piece that still requires support to become a part of Access Livings permanent collect. To help support this artist please contact Riva Lehrer at her information below.

Glenn” and “Zazel” are from “NY Portraits,” images of 50 New York City artists with disabilities. Sasaki presents them as individuals, each committed to their practice while dealing with the personal and societal challenges of having a disability. The series examines the constructed nature of beauty through the filter and diversity of disability. Included are a diverse array of artists, including visual and performance artists, dancers, actors, musicians, filmmakers, and writers. These works are shot from the low angle of Sasaki’s wheelchair, giving them a literally important viewpoint.

At first glance, Glenn resembles a movie monster with his stiff arms and dark-shadowed eyes, as he stands in the center of Saint John the Divine. Looking closer, we see that his expression is not menacing but blissful, as if he is singing a hymn or hearing the music fade from the cathedral’s organ. Glenn is a painter who describes his work as having “gothic” qualities.
Riva Lehrer