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Tiger by Blaisdell - Thumb
2006 - Colored Pencil on Paper, 22” x 30”
This is an art piece that still requires support to become a part of Access Livings permanent collect. To help support this artist please contact Riva Lehrer at her information below.

This tiger is so dense with color and energy that it’s barely contained on the paper. Its orange body arcs above a machine gun, under a large red heart and a black hand with its fingers spread. The hand seems to offer protection for the tiger. Fierce as it appears, it is a vulnerable beast in the face of human aggression.

This artist is represented by Project Onward. Project Onward is a communal studio where artists with developmental, cognitive, and mental disabilities are provided with the materials, art education, and support to develop a professional body of work. Project Onward is a program of the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
Riva Lehrer