“Take Charge!” is a new approach to reproductive health

Empowered Fe Fes release health guide for women with disabilities

The Empowered Fe Fes, a young women’s advocacy and peer support group at Access Living, are proud to announce the publication of “Take Charge!” A Reproductive Health Guide for Women with Disabilities. The guide is geared toward women with disabilities, healthcare providers, parents, and community organizations. “Take Charge!” offers specific advice about reproductive and sexual health, and can be used as a tool to promote overall physical and mental health.


Fulani Thrasher, Access Living’s Community Organizer for Women and Girls, explained that a lack of information inspired the need for “Take Charge!” “Either you have something from 10 or more years ago, you have something geared toward parents, or you have something that is very disability specific,” Thrasher said. “Take Charge! is a useful for people with all types of disabilities and it has current, up to date information.”

Through the process of producing the guide, members of the Empowered Fe Fes learned about their own reproductive and sexual health, provided personal stories, created the cover art, and were inspired to take charge! The guide equips readers with the information to advocate for yourself within a healthcare setting, understand your rights as a person with a disability, and pick health care providers that are accessible and disability friendly.

While traditional health care often looks at disability through the lens of a condition that needs to be treated, “Take Charge!” approaches disability as a natural condition. “The Guide is very holistic,” Thrasher said. “It looks at all the things that compose the environment for a person with a disability, and doesn’t look at health care as the elimination of disability.”

The Empowered Fe Fes will host a Launch Party on Tuesday, August 24 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Sugundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center, 4046 West Armitage Avenue. After the launch event, “Take Charge!” A Reproductive Health Guide for Women with Disabilities will be available for download online and in hard copy at Access Living. In the Fall, members of the Empowered Fe Fes will deliver presentations about the Guide to Health Care Providers and Community Organizations that work with women with disabilities. For more information, contact Gary Arnold at 312-640-2199 (voice), garnold@accessliving.org.

Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager