Final Push to #SupportCESSA


We’re in the final stretch!

Illinois State Senate to vote on CESSA week of May 24

Any day now, the Illinois State Senate will vote on CESSA (HB 2784). If the Senate passes CESSA, it will go to the Governor’s desk to become state law.

We are in the final stretch. We need advocates calling, emailing, or otherwise contacting their State Senator and asking them to #SupportCESSA!

Ask your State Senator to vote YES on CESSA (HB 2784)

Here are other ways you can help:

Build Momentum on Social Media

Here’s a social media toolkit you can use to post on social media.

  • Write and share posts about CESSA on any and all of your social media channels. Use the #SupportCESSA hashtag.
  • On Facebook, you can add a #SupportCESSA frame to your profile picture: Click on your profile picture to edit it. Click on ‘add frame’. Search for #SupportCESSA. Select the frame you want to use. Save your frame and profile picture.

Submit Testimony in Support of CESSA:

Additional CESSA information and resources: