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Action Alerts: Take Action Now

Take Action Now on Access Living’s latest advocacy campaign.

Access Living’s Advocacy Department, Independent Living Department and Legal Department collaborate together to create real options and freedom for self–determination for people with all kinds of disabilities. Our work creates systemic and community opportunities to protect and exercise our human rights.

Support advocacy initiatives of Access Living and the Disability Community. Lend your voice and effort to initiatives that will support choice and independence for people with disabilities.

Listed below is a catalogue of Access Living Action Alerts.
Title Date

Senate may vote soon on ‘Skinny’ Healthcare Bill.

Take Action to #SaveMedicaid

Take Action and urge Senators to vote against the “Skinny Bill”

What the new healthcare bill means and how it will hurt people with disabilities

Take action

A summary of the impact the Senate Healthcare Bill will have on people with disabilities

Disability led action against healthcare bill around the country

National ADAPT organizes week of actions

A note from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy about health care advocacy and the work of Chicago ADAPT.

ACTION ALERT: Historic Disability Protest; Stop the Senate Healthcare Bill

A note from Amber Smock, Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, about the Health Care legislation introduced by Senate Leadership on June 22.

Action Alert: Make Three Calls to Protect Medicaid

Action Alert from Access Living’s Adam Ballard and from the Protect Our Care Illinois Coalition

Action Alert: #SaveMedicaid

Contact Senate HELP and Finance Committee

Action Alert to fight back against the US Senate Version of the American Health Care Act.

Defend Healthcare and Medicaid

New Protect Our Care Illinois Hotline

An Action Alert from Access Living’s Director of Program about a new Hotline from Protect Our Care Illinois, and most recent efforts to defend healthcare and Medicaid.

Action Alert: Oppose HR 620

Protect the Americans with Disabilities Act

Action alert that was crafted by the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund regarding HR 620, which is a threat to the Americans with Disabilities Act


Action alert to protect Medicaid and Home and Community Based Services

Action Alert: Support a More Flexible Overtime Policy for the Home Services Program

Notice from Director of Advocacy about HB 3376 -- which expands the cap on hours for personal assistants in the Home Services Program

AHCA: Olmstead rights under attack!

Tell Congress to protect Medicaid!

Action alert in response to introduction of American Health Care Act, which would undermine home and community based services covered by Medicaid.

Update and Action Alerts for Monday, February 13

A note from Amber Smock, Director of Advocacy, that lays out the week ahead, which looks to be a busy time from advocates in Illinois.

Advocate for Disability Rights in Healthcare

Here is an update on Healthcare Threats to people with disabilities -- Affordable Care Act Repeal and Medicaid Cuts - from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock.

Action Alert: Oppose Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

Action Alert to oppose Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

Tell JCAR Members to vote against the proposed Home Services Overtime Policy

Action Alert: Contact Members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Tell them to vote against Governor Rauner’s Proposed Overtime Policy for the Home Services Program.

Threats to Medicaid in Congress -- Block Grants and Per Capita Caps

Action alert to fight back against threats to Medicaid Coverage

Urgent Action Alert to Congress: No to Obamacare Repeal, No to Medicaid Block Grants

Action Alert in support of the Affordable Care Act

Take steps to support Illinois Home Services during Veto Session

On Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30, Access Living Representatives will be in Springfield Illinois for the Veto Session. A variety of legislation will be considered by Illinois Politicians, legislation that would have a significant impact on the independence and security of people with disabilities. Your help is needed to support the legislation.

Action Alert: Support Senate Bill 2680: Murphy Bills

An Action Alert calling for support of US Senate Bill 2680

Take Action on Illinois SB 2931 and SB 261

Action alert to support highes wages and overtime flexibility in the Home Services Program
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