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Marca Bristo, 1953 - 2019


Remembering Marca today and always

September 8, 2020 marks the one-year anniversary of Marca Bristo’s death

She was the founding CEO of Access Living for nearly 40 years. As this anniversary approaches, we feel it is only fitting to pay tribute to Marca’s life and legacy through the stories, memories, and remembrances of the many people whose lives she touched.

In Marca’s words…

Shortly before Marca’s death, the Ford Foundation sent a film crew to Access Living to capture Marca’s decades of experience and memories of the disability rights movement. This video tribute, shown at her memorial services in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, is a result of those interviews.

We are asking for your stories, videos, and photos of Marca to honor her memory

Marca Bristo, a white woman in a power chair.
Marca Bristo

We’re collecting your memories, stories, and experiences with Marca – both personally and with the disability rights movement for her memorial tribute wall, our archive, to showcase in our upcoming gala, and to share with her family. Use one of the prompts below, or create your own.

We’d love to hear about…

  • How Marca made a difference in your life
  • Your favorite Marca story
  • What you think of when you think about Marca’s leadership
  • A way Marca mentored you, encouraged you to speak up, or moved you to take action
  • Anything else about Marca, her work, and her impact that you would like to share

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View Marca’s tribute wall

We will be adding to Marca’s tribute wall as we receive new photos and stories. If you would like to add your own message please fill out the form above.

“You need to surround yourself with people who have gifts you don’t have, and learn from them.” — Marca Bristo

A group shot of Access Living's staff in August of 2019.
2019 – Access Living Staff