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The Marca Bristo Memorial Tribute Wall


The Marca Bristo Memorial Tribute Wall

After her death on September 8, 2019, tributes, memories, and words of remembrance for Marca Bristo poured in from all over the world. As we near the first anniversary of her death, we are collecting and publishing these celebrations of Marca’s life and legacy.

Below you will find an interactive archive of Marca’s impact, stories told in her own words, material from the Access Living archives, articles published at the time of her death, and the words of those whose lives she touched. To view Marca’s tribute wall as a list, please visit our Memories of Marca collection on Wakelet.

Interested in adding your own tribute? We’d love to hear from you.

You can also add to the tribute wall by sharing your memory of Marca on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Just make sure to use #RememberingMarca in your post.