COVID-19 Update: Access Living Employees Working from Home; Building Closed


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Governor Pritzker Announces Guidance in Non-Discrimination in Emergency Healthcare


Dear Access Living friends and allies, As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, fear of bias in medical emergency situations has become...

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Action Alerts

Action Alert: Help Protect Against Disability Discrimination in Housing


The Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities from discrimination in housing. One of the requirements under the Fair Housing...

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Press Releases & Statements

Lawsuit Alleging Decades of Housing Discrimination Against Disabled People in Chicago Can Proceed


CHICAGO – Following a federal judge’s ruling on Friday, March 29, the City of Chicago will be required to defend...

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Press Releases & Statements

Mayoral Candidates Commit to Spending Required to Correct Disability Discrimination in Affordable Housing Program


CHICAGO - Candidates for Mayor of Chicago today committed to spending whatever is required to correct decades of discrimination against...

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Press Releases & Statements

Access Living sues the City of Chicago for three decades of discrimination against people with disabilities in Affordable Rental Housing Program


CHICAGO - Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois,...

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