Spotlight on Juan Rivera: I & R Staff Associate

Staff Associate Juan Rivera (far right) hopes to pursue a career in healthcare

Juan Rivera is one of six staff associates at Access Living. He returned to complete the program after only being able to work for half of the cycle the previous year. He felt passionate about the work he was doing, providing information and referral support to the disability community, and he believes in finishing whatever he starts

As the information and referral staff associate, Juan handles phone calls and in person inquiries from consumers or prospective consumers who are members of the disability community. He helps them apply for benefits and various other state and government services, like the Circuit Breaker program – which also qualifies people for free rides on the CTA. Juan also speaks to people about the scope of services that Access Living provides, as he is often the first smiling face they see when coming in the door.

Juan enjoys the opportunity to interact with the diverse group of people that he serves, and has always had a passion for helping people. He likes to put himself in people’s shoes before thinking about how he can help them.

Juan has continued to stand out as a leader among his coworkers and peers. He is always anxious to lend a helping hand and personal mentorship to fellow jobseekers, associates, and community members.

When he’s not working, Juan loves spending time with his family. He is interested in playing as well as watching sports and anything to do with modern technology. He is currently also working on developing his artistic side.

Juan has a long-term goal of finding a position as an administrator in the healthcare field. After the staff associate program Juan is interested in finding a position that would help him reach that goal, and also allow him to continue to interact with people on a regular basis, while providing valuable services to the community.