Statement: Board of Education Prioritizes Busing for Disabled Students


January 27, 2022 | by Bridget Hayman

The resolution passed yesterday by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Board of Education to prioritize busing for disabled students is an important recognition of the crisis families of students with disabilities have faced since last summer. The crisis has created enormous stress and financial hardship for these families. We are especially encouraged by the leadership of Board member Dr. Elizabeth Todd-Breland in pushing for a resolution.

After many proposed deadlines have come and gone, hundreds of disabled students still await the fulfillment of their legal right to receive bus transportation to school, which is simply unacceptable.

A plan must be developed immediately to remedy this crisis and provide busing services to CPS students with disabilities as legally required. It is our hope that a solution  will be reached that would not result in CPS students being pitted against one another for needed busing services.

We urge all CPS community stakeholders to work together to resolve this crisis without delay. 

Access Living would  like to hear from families that have been impacted by lack of school busing for their children with disabilities. If you are directly affected, please contact Frank Lally, Access Living’s Education Policy Analyst, at or (312-640-2134).