Access Living Supports Governor JB Pritzker’s Fair Tax Plan


May 8, 2019 | by Bridget Hayman


Bridget Hayman

Director of Communications

(312) 640-2129

Over the course of many years, Access Living has seen state funding for human services reduced to the point where thousands of people with disabilities across our state are suffering without supports. The current level of disinvestment cannot continue. Lives are at stake. This is why we support Governor JB Pritzker’s fair tax plan, which is a way to raise badly needed revenue to invest in our state.

The fair tax passed out of committee on May 20, and we look forward to the full House passing the constitutional amendment. Access Living is working with Governor Pritzker and the Illinois legislature to put a fair tax constitutional amendment on the ballot for the 2020 elections because people with disabilities need a state-funded system of supports that works.

Illinois is one of the few states with a flat tax system; at the same time our state faces a $3.2 billion budget deficit and over $14 billion in unpaid bills. In order for funding for disability programs and services to occur, it’s important to find ways of generating new revenue. A graduated tax, or a fair tax system, is a pathway to more equitable funding of our state-funded human services system. A fair tax would reduce the tax burden for lower and middle income families, while asking more of those in the highest tax bracket.