#CripTheVote 2020: Voting Resources for People with Disabilities


October 22, 2020 | by Ashley Eisenmenger


Resources for Voters with Disabilities


It’s election time, and now more than ever, it is important to have a voting plan to make sure your vote is counted this year! In an effort to make this easier, we’ve compiled a list of resources for voters with disabilities.


The Chicago Board of Election has put together information for voters with disabilities. What you’ll find here:

  • An accessible vote by mail option
  • Information for voters in hospital and Long Term Care settings
  • Information about accessibility devices and features at polling places
  • Other options when it comes to voting as a person with a disability

Equip for Equality has also put together a variety of Fact Sheets. Topics include:

  • Voting rights for people in nursing homes
  • Exercising your right to vote
  • New developments in voting
  • Information about ensuring people with disabilities can exercise their right to vote

AAPD has put together an extensive Frequently Asked Questions Page that covers a variety of common questions including:

  • Avoiding crowds if voting in person
  • Voter rights for people with disabilities
  • Ballot assistance
  • Disability specific voting information in a variety of accessible formats
  • Resources for those having trouble voting

The American Bar Association put together this resource to provide information for and about voters with cognitive disabilities.

People with disabilities can and should exercise their right to vote. We hope you have found these resources useful, make a plan, and reach out to the above sources if you have any questions or concerns about voting early or on Election Day (November 3, 2020)

And check out this accessible voting app! Brink aims to make voting more accessible for everyone.