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First Annual Access Living Week of Gratitude


February 11, 2020 | by Emma Olson

First Annual Access Living Week of Gratitude

You make our work possible.

During our First Annual Access Living Week of Gratitude, Access Living is taking the week to express our gratitude to you, the Access Living family. We are so grateful for each and every one of you, our consumers, allies, advocates, partners, leaders, activists, and supporters. Thank you. You are why we thrive.

Thank you…

Thank you for your energy.

Time and energy are some of our most valuable resources, and we are so thankful to have a community that commits so much time and energy to Access Living.

  • Members of our community organizing groups: You come to meetings, contribute ideas, organize actions, and show up to fight for affordable, accessible housing, transportation, racial justice, independent living, and more.
  • Allies: You support us behind the scenes, and because of you we can do more trainings, workshops, and classes for people with disabilities. Because of you we can reach more people and do more good.
  • Advocates: In person and online, you use your voices to uplift disability rights and issues. You take the time to read advocacy emails, write or call elected officials, share social media posts, and learn and care about the issues facing people with disabilities. Because of you, our message gets louder and spreads farther.

Thank you for your talent.

There are so many people who use their talents in the service of Access Living’s mission. There’s no way to fully account for all of the hundreds of ways you give your expertise to Access Living. Here is just a handful of examples from 2019:

  • Using a talent for photography to take pictures of community organizing group meetings.
  • Giving AL feedback and idea on ways we can make our website better and more accessible for the people we serve.
  • Taking the stage to read poetry, sing, act, or perform and sharing your creativity with us.
  • Telling us what issues matter to you, and what Access Living should be doing to address them.

Thank you for your belief.

As a nonprofit organization, Access Living relies on monetary donations to provide services and propel our mission forward. We are grateful for every dollar that comes through our door. We are also grateful for what each and every donation we receive represents; your belief in Access Living. To us, your contributions do more than keep our lights on. They remind us what – and who – we’re fighting for. Thank you for your faith in us.

And last but not least:

Thank you for showing up for us.

Thank you for showing up for Access Living, our staff, our work, and our mission.

  • To our board: You dedicate your time, expertise, and networks to the advancement of disability rights. Thank you for your commitment to us, and for your invaluable leadership.
  • To our coalition partners: You uplift disability issues, ensure we have a seat at the table, and listen when we address the importance of inclusion and accessibility. Thank you for amplifying our voices. 
  • To our consumers: Thank you for speaking up when Access Living falls short or misses the mark. Your feedback is invaluable; it helps us evolve, grow, and improve.

From all of us at Access Living…

Thank you.