Announcing the 2020-21 Junior Artists in Residence


December 1, 2020 | by Emma Olson

The Disability Culture Activism Lab (DCAL) announces the 2020-21 Junior Artists in Residence, Justin Cooper and Genevieve Nutely

The Disability Culture Activism Lab is excited to have two amazing junior artists in residence on their team:

Justin Cooper

Justin is a black filmmaker, artist and disability advocate who has been working in art and film professionally since 2012. The lack of media representation amongst people with disabilities motivated him to work on his own documentary film called The Wheelchair Chronicles. Justin is currently the president of Access Living’s Young Professionals Council and the Head Marshal of the annual Chicago Disability Pride Parade. He does advocacy work for Advance Your Leadership Power (racial/social justice advocacy group at Access Living) and the Chicago Disability Activism Collective (CDAC). In March of 2018, Justin founded his own media company called Cooper Industries. This company focuses on his filmmaking, film production, and photography work.

Genevieve Nutley

Genevieve is a Latinx painter and disability advocate. She is inspired by the beauty, positivity, and love of the world. Her art incorporates bright acrylic colors and focuses on femininity, empowerment, and the personal as political. She paints surreal and abstract self-portraits. Each new self-portrait is a chance to recreate herself from the lessons she learns from life. Genevieve feels it is her job in the world to share the beauty that she sees in others and the world through her art. Genevieve was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. At age 20, she survived a car accident with many injuries. During her rehabilitation she discovered her gift as a painter through art therapy. Genevieve has been self-taught since then and has participated in various shows and galleries. Every year she participates in Shirley Ryan’s AbilityLab’s Art in Motion, a showcase that fundraises for art therapy. She has earned her Associate’s Degree in Arts and is currently attending Northeastern Illinois University to finish her Bachelors degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Stay tuned for talks and workshops with the DCAL junior artists in residence. View all upcoming events and workshops here.

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Sandie Yi

Arts & Culture Project Coordinator