Access Living Co-Hosts Disability Forum for IL Attorney General Candidates


February 12, 2018 | by Emma Olson

Illinois Attorney General Candidates Respond to Disability Issues Questionnaire


Bridget Hayman

Director of Communications

(312) 640-2129

Last week, Access Living and more than 30 disability groups statewide co-hosted a non-partisan forum for the Illinois Attorney General’s Race. Prior to the forum, we asked for members of the disability community to submit questions for the candidates and received over 150 submissions.

The candidates who joined our forum were sent a questionnaire of nine additional disability questions submitted by voters, as selected by a committee from our co-hosts. Candidates Fairley, Goldstein, Mariotti, Quinn, Raoul, Rostering and Ruiz (all Democrats) all responded by answering every single question. We are happy to be able to share their responses with you in both Word and plain text, per the attachment available to download under ‘Resources’ on the left-hand side of this page.

Please take the time to review their responses carefully. The Illinois primary is on March 20, and disability voters will have the opportunity to choose candidates for the two statewide competitive parties who have multiple candidates: the Republicans and the Democrats. That means, if you are a Republican, you will need to choose which Republican should be the party’s nominee for Governor. And if you are a Democrat, you will need to choose which Democrat will be the party’s nominee for Governor. We do have other parties in Illinois but they are only fielding one candidate each.

Disability voters also have the power to influence families and friends, and to engage in the political process. Go out there and make a difference! Our state is better when the disability community exercises the power to vote.