Advocacy Alert: September 3, 2021


September 3, 2021 | by Amber Smock

Illinois Action Alert TODAY: Ask Congress to Support Community Living

Access Living friends and allies,

Today, we need Illinois advocates’ help to ensure that key members of Congress from Illinois will fight for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). We need to remind them that now is the time to make sure that we invest in HCBS for the long term, rather than in congregate institutional settings.

[Quick Action Link to send an email to key Congressional offices in Illinois]

Access Living continues to advocate for Congress to support the Better Care Better Jobs Act, which would invest $400 billion in Medicaid HCBS. The Better Care Better Jobs Act is a critical bill for the advancement of HCBS that would expand access to care, improve quality, and lead to better pay and benefits for workers.

For decades, people with disabilities have sought to create the kind of society that would ensure that everyone has access to community living. We cannot make progress on human rights if we keep investing in congregate settings; we have to see significant national commitment to HCBS now, and over the next few decades.

How can you help?

Please use this quick link to send a message to key Congressional offices from Illinois. Please consider also asking your family, friends and support workers to do this as well.

For more information about the Better Care Better Jobs Act, contact Ryan McGraw at

Please send your email today!