#CripTheVote: Illinois 2022 Midterm Elections


November 7, 2022 | by Amber Smock

Advocacy Alert: November 7, 2022

Access Living friends and allies,

Tomorrow is the 2022 Midterm Election! Across the country, voters are weighing in on their candidates of choice. Many people have used early voting, either in person or by mail. However, tomorrow is the big day of the actual election itself. We’d like to share some nonpartisan resources for voters with disabilities who are getting ready to vote tomorrow.

Voting Resources

  1. Equip for Equality Illinois Voters with Disabilities Helpline: On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Equip for Equality will have advocates available by telephone to answer questions about any voting problem you may experience. The line is accessible by phone, text or email.
    • Voice Telephone: 1.800.537.2632
    • Text: (312) 826-0049 (only for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have speech impairments, and ONLY on November 8)
    • E-mail: Voting@Equipforequality.org
  2. What Are Your Voting Rights as a Person with a Disability? Equip for Equality also put together a page with useful documents/videos for people with disabilities who want to know their voting rights. You can visit this link for their voting rights resource page.
  3. Check Out the AAPD Voting Hub! The American Association of People with Disabilities has put together a great website full of disability voter resources for people across the country. Among some of the great resources include plain language resources and voting stories by people with disabilities, which are very moving.
  4. Honor Our Past and Our Future: Remember that we owe our right to vote to so many ancestors from different communities who have fought and died for the civil right to vote. Your vote in the election tomorrow also helps shape the future of people with disabilities all across our nation. Let’s get out there and exercise our right to vote!