New: Leadership Opportunities for Formerly Incarcerated People with Disabilities


July 5, 2022 | by Emma Olson

Diversion & Reentry Fellowship, Advisory Committee


Chris Huff

Policy Analyst – Diversion and Reentry

(312) 640-2131

Today, we are pleased to announce two new leadership opportunities for people with disabilities who have been incarcerated. Across the country, demand is growing to improve opportunities to divert people from the criminal justice system, and to ensure that those returning from jail or prison have meaningful options in reentry services and supports. As we noted in our 2019 white paper, Access to Justice, according to the 2011-2012 National Inmate Survey at least 40% of people who were incarcerated in 2011-2012 self-identified as having a disability. Given that many people may not know or disclose that they have a disability, we believe the number of incarcerated disabled people is actually much higher.

Access Living Diversion & Reentry Fellowship:

The Diversion and Reentry Fellowship Program are paid six-month opportunities for formerly incarcerated people with disabilities to pursue projects related to meeting the needs of people with disabilities at risk of entering or those re-entering from the criminal justice system. Fellows must submit a proposal about their planned project. Fellows will be advised by Christopher Huff, our Diversion and Reentry Policy Analyst, and also receive training on disability leadership. Compensation for each Fellow is $1,000 per month for six months. The application deadline is September 2.

Access Living Diversion & Reentry Advisory Committee:

Access Living is also building a community advisory committee to advise us on our work related to diversion and reentry for people with disabilities. Those selected for the committee will also receive disability leadership training, as well as serve as guidance for Access Living staff so we can best support the needs of our formerly incarcerated peers with disabilities. This is also a paid opportunity which requires an application. Committee members will be paid up to $250 per meeting depending on the overall final committee size. Applications are due September 30.

The time is now to ensure that formerly incarcerated people with disabilities are at the forefront of change for diversion and reentry. Robust, inclusive, accessible diversion and reentry opportunities are the way forward to repairing communities nationwide. We look forward to developing a cohort of strong disability leaders in this area, who can guide us all on the change we need. Questions may be directed to Christopher Huff at    Please share these important opportunities with your networks.