Advocacy Updates: 2/25/22


February 25, 2022 | by Emma Olson

#PlowTheSidewalks Video

Access Living friends and allies,

Today, we’re excited to share a brand new video about the #PlowTheSidewalks Chicago campaign. Check it out at this link! Better Streets Chicago paired up with Access Living to create this short public service announcement about the need to shift pedestrian snow removal into a city serve. The video is captioned and audio described, and features people with and without disabilities from across Chicago, including Access Living’s own Michelle García and Ashley Eisenmenger.

How Can You Help?

We’ve posted the video to Facebook at this link and to Twitter at this link. If you use social media, please help us share the video with the hashtag #PlowTheSidewalks! If you live in Chicago, you can also help us by contacting Chicago’s City Council to let them know about this campaign. Here is a quick and easy email action link.

PlowTheSidewalks in the News:

Another way you can help is by talking to your friends, family, and colleagues about why city sidewalk snow removal is a good idea. For example, it helps keep people safe, it equalizes drivers and pedestrians, and it makes our city accessible in cold weather. It is possible to report unshoveled sidewalks to 311, but there are a lot of reasons why it’s not effective to rely on property owners to clear every sidewalk and curb cut themselves.

Here are a few news stories highlighting the campaign:

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What Else Can I Do Right Now?

While you can file a 311 report or a snow removal request, it usually means that you will not see removal right away. But it does build a public record of problem areas, and build a case for a pilot snow removal program in your area. Plus, you can also record a complaint with Access Living using this form in English or this form in Spanish, which will help drive our advocacy. So please, file those reports!

Please share this email with fellow Chicagoans who care about making our city accessible in ALL our seasons!