The Disability History Exhibit

Paralympic Rugby Team Wheelchair
U.S. Paralympic Rugby Team Wheelchair (owned by Bob Lujano) featured in the documentary film Murderball, one of many items on display.
Below are a few images that are included in the Chicago Disability History Project. We hope this offers a small taste of the rich history the exhibit provides.

The exhibit is not on display at Access Living at this time. Access Living will post information if it returns to 115 West Chicago Avenue or if it shown at another location in Chicago.

The Chicago Disability History Exhibit was created by the team of Dr. David Mitchell and Dr. Sharon Snyder, professors of Disability Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The exhibit’s primary focus is on Chicago and Illinois, set within a national historical framework. The CDHE documents the many roles of individuals with disabilities as meaningful participants in the city's social, cultural, and economic life. The CDHE is organized into key historical themes including early settlement, public health, institutionalization, segregated schooling, transportation, rehabilitation, arts and music, political activism, university life, advocacy, and international disability perspectives.