Action Alert: #SaveMedicaid

Contact Senate HELP and Finance Committee

By now, most people have heard that the U.S. Senate is developing its own version of the American Health Care Act, (AHCA). Based upon reports from Washington, the Senate version will be just as devastating to the independence and health of people with disabilities as the version passed last month by the U.S. House. The current version in the Senate is expected to kill Medicaid expansion, cap services, provide waivers for essential health benefits, and allow for discrimination based upon pre-existing conditions. Because of the cuts, state resources will be limited, resulting in longer waiting lists for services and the decimation of community-based services.

Despite all of this, GOP leadership in the Senate is expected to move quickly on the legislation, with little or no public input.

All around the country, the disability community is organizing to stop this dangerous bill. Tomorrow in Illinois there is a statewide day of action, calling attention to the fact that one in four state residents utilizes Medicaid for health and support services. Access Living is part of the day of action and will be sending an action alert.

In the meantime, today we can start to build some momentum leading in to the June 14 Illinois Day of Action.

Access Living urges everyone to fight back against a legislative process which is pushing through dangerous and short-sighted legislation without an opportunity for constituents to comment. We urge you to call the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) Committee and call the Senate Finance Committee. Demand that both committees hold hearings on the Senate version of the American Health Care Act.

Here is the contact information:

1. Senate HELP Committee 202-224-5375
2. Senate Finance Committee 202-224-4515

Please call today!