Board of Directors Meeting -- January 29, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting
January 29, 2014


In Person: Ben, Maury, Marca, Daisy, Rahnee, Elisabeth, Mimi, Jerry

On Phone: Kevin, Andres, Zully, Evelyn, Kareem, Kevin F, Will, Jerry, Joyce, Lance, Shawnelle, Mike, John, Kristin, Kristi, Kevin I

I. Call to Order – 4:07pm

A. Welcome to the new board members, welcome to the returning members

II. Approval of Minutes

A. 10/30/2013 Full Board Minutes (attachment 1)
1. Motion – Evelyn, Second – Jerry, All – passed

B. 12/4/13 Executive Committee Minutes (attachment 2)
1. Motion – Shawnelle, Second – Will, All - passed

III. Chair’s Report

A. Board Outcomes (attachment – will be sent later)
1. Quarterly outcomes across AL on how we are doing on meeting our outcomes. They will be discussed at the committee level. It is a nice ‘dashboard’ way to see what is going on in each of the different committees.

B. Strategic Planning- Andres, Committee Chair
1. Thank you to those who were at the retreat. We are in the process of reviewing the summary of the retreat. The next step is to develop the strategic directions and goals.

C. “Ride Along” Opportunities – Andres
1. This opportunity is intended to enrich board member’s experiences beyond the meetings. We developed opportunities for board members to attend meetings, events etc. that staff are engaged in. The concept is similar to the police ride along program. We hope this will give the board members an insight to Access Living and the community that we serve. We encourage all board members to attend, staff are excited to meet the board members
2. Ex: NCD Forum, Power to the people mtg, PA training, Stepping stones, FeFe’s meeting, Springfield Visit, Arts and Culture events, etc.
3. It was asked about how many board members could attend per activity? Andres replied that it depends on the opportunity, email us the one you want to attend and we will let you know if there is space. Approval from the group may be necessary, we will try to get the board member into any and all events.

D. 1:1 fundraising discussions (attachment 3)
1. Ideas and thoughts came from the closed session at the last board meeting. The main actionable outcome was the desire from our board members to have a planning process for the board members to make their annual fundraising commitments.
2. This is done with many boards, and is the most practical for our size. Senior Staff will be reaching out to schedule 1 on 1s to meet with BMs.

IV. Presidents Report

1. There has not been significant progress with CHA to declare a preference for persons with disabilities living in nursing homes to get into subsidized housing. Staff at CHA changed and they backed down from their original promises. We met with Michael Merchant but his staff has no intention to offer the preference. CHA did offer AL another 100 vouchers as a consolation, which AL declined. If they continue to say no to our request we will have further discussions with HUD in an effort to explore all our options. We are trying to be flexible in our approach, but we are not going to back away from this.

1. After the hearing negations have been going back and forth on amendments on the constitutional issues that had been raised. Corker’s own witnesses believed that with some reservations there is a path to victory. In December Corker announced that he could not support the treaty due to constitutional concerns that the UN would not encroach on US sovereignty. Dole has been working tirelessly calling Senators and reporting back. There has been a lot of activity and will continue to be before we see a markup.
2. Thank you to Kareem for the work that he did while he was in the WH. Some media is being done, in certain States, like op eds, however the national media has yet to grab hold.

C. Harris vs Quinn
1. The state’s homes services program is at stake in this decision. Because the program is so critical to people’s ability to live in the community, we have signed in support of it. If a group votes to unionize the people who benefit from those negotiations have to pay their fare share even if they decide not to join the union. Their “fair share” is less than the full union dues. The circuit court decided that the home based services program case was not to be taken to the Supreme Court, the homes services program was. The court may decide that there was never a right to unionize in the first place because the employer is the consumers not the state. But the state argues that they handle all the financial aspects and therefore, are legally the employer.
2. This could force people into an agency model instead of being able to hire and fire their PA’s. AL’s first advocacy was for home services, 30 years ago. The wages has gone up and some benefits because the program was unionized. This case does not affect parents caring for their children.

V. Educational Session – Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities, Commissioner Karen Tamley - POSTPONED

VI. Committee Updates

A. Finance Committee – Mike Santay
1. FY 14 Midyear Budget Summary (attachment 4)
2. An update on the budget was given with a recommendation to the full board for approval. So far this year we were fairly flat, we have a net increase in projected revenue. Increase in revenue from planned giving, due to the Chandler estate. Changes in program revenues, increase in relocation and stepping stones programs. Up from 180K to 300K.
3. Net in expense is a small increase of 20K, some adjustments with cash flows from previous pledges, the 100k increase is due to the restriction on the planed giving and the net shows about a flat change.
4. Basically we are about flat for the year. We recommend the board to accept this budget proposal.
a. Motion to accept the Midyear Budget
i. First by Maury, Lance second, all in favor, motion carried.

5. Investment Balances (attachment 5)
1. Update for the board, the investments as of June in the accounts. This reflects the money that we have put into the accounts. Does not include gains or losses. Good year overall. This is for informational purposes.
2. Change to the investment policy. Building maintenance and board restricted operations fund have just been sitting without gaining interest so the finance committee has made changes in order to get some return out of those funds. This action was recommended by Northern trust.
3. We opened three new bank accounts. One account is for Ventra, one account is flexible spending, and the last one is for the health reimbursement account.
a. Motion to approve the resolutions of 3 new bank accounts
Jerry moved, Mike second, passed by the board and the motion carries.

B. Resource Development Committee – John Schmidt

1. Gala Update - Mimi
a. Hiring a new firm, Pat Hurley and Associates. We were with Hoopla but they do not help with fundraising, just logistics. We were urged by corporate chair at Chase to meet with and use Pat Hurley.
b. Changes this year, we are trying to up the level from 600k, hopefully up to 1million. We are changing the pricing structure. Getting a few more corporate and vice chairs at 50k and 25 k level. Individual ticket prices have always been $300 to be raised to $400. Trying to be respectful of the community who attends the gala. Trying to make this a million dollar event.
c. Pat Hurley charges $50,000 per event for their services. They do 50-65 events a year. Ben suggested we should look at how to get on the corporate budgets for next year so they can budget coming to the gala and paying for a table or a sponsorship. Often by April and May they have already decided who they are contributing to.

2. Status of funding from Pierce & Associates - Mimi
1. Received large grant from Pierce & Associates in 2012 to help bridge a gap in our housing work, we asked for another 100k and with a little charm and strong housing staff we had a great meeting and ended up getting the 100k, booked in FY14. But we have been told that next year we will not receive the funding.

3. Advocates Report - Mimi
1. Dropped our goal for 150k to 125k. The good news is that we have already raised 85k, advocates are 1k donors and above, in this fiscal year. We are happy with those numbers.

4. Staffing Change - Mimi
1. Jason Gilmore has left Access Living after 3 years. He wanted to do major gifts and is now at Easter Seals. Bianca has been promoted into the management position. Currently interviewing to fill the grant writer position.

C. Program Committee – Evelyn Arkebauer

1. Housing location contract changes - Rahnee
1. Dec 20, 2011 the Federal court approved the Colbert class action law-suit. Access Living is leading the number of class members moved among housing location agencies, but we have yet to break even on the grant. Jan 21, 2014 the state amended the contract so that we report to the Dept. of Aging. We feel this will be a positive change.

2. Renewal of contract with MOPD - Rahnee
1. Renewed to provide the independent living program get assistive technology, IL skills training, and PA training. The grant is $395k.

3. 1115 Waiver - Amber
1. Currently there are nine different waivers, changes are proposed to consolidate the waivers into one. The state is working on a draft proposal and AL has submitted our comments. State is working on the final proposal and will send to CMS to review.

VII. Old/New Business

A. Conflict of Interest Form (attachment 6)
1. Please email to Elisabeth by the end of this week. Let Marca know if you think you might have a conflict

VIII. Adjournment – 5:30pm