Advocates Program

The Advocates Program is a five–tiered giving program recognizing our most involved donors.
Diamond level includes individuals who donate $20,000 and above;

Platinum level includes individuals who donate $10,000–$19,999;

Gold level includes individuals who donate $5,000–$9,999;

Silver level includes individuals who donate $2,500–$4,999; and

Bronze level includes individuals who donate $1,000.
Donations to The Advocates Program directly support Access Living's programs and services that foster the dignity, pride, and self–esteem of people with disabilities. The Advocates has become critical to Access Living's financial stability as well as our capacity to expand and positively impact the lives of even more people with disabilities.

Advocates Diamond Level
$20,000 and above

Ms. Kemery Bloom
Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Clarissa Chandler
Ms. Rebecca Crown & Mr. Richard Robb
Mr. & Mrs. Wes and Suzanne Dixon
Mr. James Gidwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Rosalind Keiser
Mrs. Beatrice Cummings Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. M. Jude and Lori Reyes
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Shirley Ryan

Advocates Platinum Level

Mr. John A. Canning, Jr.
Ms. Shawn Donnelley & Dr. Christopher Kelly
Ms. Thea Flaum Hill & Mr. Robert Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Anne Haffner

Advocates Gold Level

Mr. & Mrs. Todd and Evelyn Arkebauer
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Mary Dolan
Dr. & Mrs. Larry and Michelle Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Martin and Patricia Koldyke
Mr. & Mrs. Brad and Katherine Markham
Hon. Paddy McNamara
In Memory of Mr. Barry McNamara
Ms. Karen A. Moretti
Dr. & Mrs. Steven and Candice Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Kelly Small

Advocates Silver Level

Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Lucy Ascoli
Mr. Paul F. Charnetzki
Mrs. Yoshiko S. Dart
Mr. Maurice Fantus & Ms. Judith Aiello–Fantus
Ms. Josephine Holzer & Mr. Chico Welch
Mr. Joseph Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne and Amy Madsen
Nan McKay and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Dennis Mondero
Ms. Amy Osler & Mr. Michael Lowenthal
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Cindy Santay
Mr. John Schmidt & Ms. Janet Gilboy
Mr. Joshua Schwartz & Ms. Janet Geovanis

Advocates Bronze Level

Ms. Zahra Ahmad
Mr. & Mrs. Francis and Prudence Beidler
In Honor of Ms. Courtney Graham Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Dimitris and Eleni Bousis
Ms. Danielle Brazee
Ms. Elaine Burke
Mr. Richard Byrne
Ms. Anita K. Chatterjee
Mr. James H. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. David and Joanne DeCoursey
Ms. Alexa Doan
Mr. Edward F. Dobbins
Ms. Marguerite Elias
Ms. Amy Fahey
Dr. Eric Russell & Dr. Sandra Fernbach
Ms. Ellen M. Frankle
Mr. & Mrs. Philip and Regan Friedmann
Mr. Andres J. Gallegos
Mr. Joshua Schwartz & Ms. Janet Geovanis
Mr. Larry Green & Ms. Ann Perks
Mr. Barry Gross
Mr. Eric Grossman & Ms. Anne Riggs
Mr. William C. Haffner
Ms. Denise Higgins
Dr. & Mrs. Michael and Beverly Huckman
Ms. Ellen Jordan Reidy
Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerry and Jacquelyn Kendall
Mr. Marc D. Klein In Honor of Ms. Marca Bristo
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Lucy Lehman
Ms. Erin Mallicoat
Hon. Paddy McNamara
Mr. Richard Melman and Ms. Rosanne Ullman
Mr. & Ms. Bruce and Susan Miller
Ms. Carolyn Nagle
Mr. & Mrs. Burton and Sheli Rosenberg
Dr. Joel Press & Dr. Gayle Rosenthal
Dr. & Mrs. Elliot and Renee Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Cynthia Sargent
Ms. Mary Ellen Schopp
Mr. Ivan G. Strauss
Mr. Craig Taffel
Ms. Sarita Warshawsky
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Susan Wislow