Access Living Videos

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Update on Healthcare Advocacy from Marca Bristo

Marca Bristo, Access Living’s President and CEO, provides an update on healthcare advocacy in DC. The video has American Sign Language interpretation

Adapt of Chicago Productions: A Brief History of the Disability Rights Movement

Marca Bristo speaks with ADAPT of Chicago Productions about the History of Disability Rights

Finding Hidden Talent: The Competitive Advantage of Employee with Disabilities

A talk from Access Living President & CEO Marca Bristo on employment and people with disabilities.

A Conversation with Itzhak Perlman

After an event on stage at the Harris Theater, Marca Bristo captured some footage of Perlman in an interview with NBC 5 Chicago.

Be the Change

2011 Access Living Organizational Video

Produced in 2011, the Access Living Organizational Video highlights the history and current programming of the organization.

Olmstead-A Case for Community Support

The 1999 Olmstead U.S. Supreme Court Decision declared that the unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities in discrimination. Yet, Illinois continues to institutionalize thousands of people with disabilities unnecessarily, failing to give them the choice to live in the community. This video chronicles the history that led to three class action civil rights cases against the State of Illinois. As a result of the consent decrees in these cases, thousands of people with physical, developmental and psychiatric disabilities will be given a choice to live in the community.

What’s Inside

What's Inside! -- A spotlight on how the building integrates Universal and Green Design. In 2003, Access Living launched Living the Vision The Campaign to Build a Model of Universal and Green Design. We worked with an incredible group of partners who helped us in the process. The result was an $18 million campaign that resulted in a state of the art building where we implement our ground breaking programs.

We invite you to take a video tour of the building by checking out "What's Inside."

Access Living Gala 2015 -- Marca Bristo presents "Lead On" Award to President Bill Clinton

Access Living Gala 2015 -- Marca Bristo presents "Lead On" Award to President Bill Clinton

Chicago: The Road to the Americans with Disabilities Act

Video that looks at the work to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act through a Chicago Lens.