Advocacy Work Around the Illinois Budget

Since the beginning of 2015, the disability community has engaged in a fight to preserve and build state services and programs that support people with disabilities living in their own homes and communities. With Illinois in the midst of a budget impasse, that advocacy continues in 2016. The work also goes well beyond disability, including labor, seniors, and many other communities and issues.

The fight started with Governor Rauner’s announcement of his proposed FY 16 Budget, which included massive cuts to Home Services and other programs that support independence. Some of those proposed cuts, such as the attempt to change the DON Score from 29 to 37, have been prevented. Yet, with the failure of Illinois to reach an agreement and pass a budget, Home Services continue to be at risk. Plus, the budget impasse has forced many organizations to reduce services, take out lines of credit, and cut staff.

Key Issues

Two signification issues within the context of the Illinois are

1. Home Services Protections
2. The Illinois plan for implementing the Department of Labor Overtime Rules.

Fiscal Year 2017

The work continues in 2016 around the FY 2017 Budget. In February, Governor Rauner proposed a budget that includes funding for Independent Living Centers and the Home Services program, but the Home Services funding does not cover what will be needed for the implementation of the Department of Labor Overtime Rules, and the budget includes nearly $200 million in cuts to the Community Care Program.

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Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager