Year-End Giving in 2019


Your Year End Giving Makes a Difference

Help support parents with disabilities through 2019 and beyond

We are grateful to our wonderful donors and the changes you’ve helped us make this year. As 2019 draws to a close we need your support so we can continue to help parents like Brittany be their own best advocates at every stage of their lives.

A young Black woman holding her infant daughter and smiling at the camera.
Brittany King holding her 9-month-old daughter, Lauren.

“Access Living has kept me together. I’m so grateful for the support I get here.”

Brittany King, Disability Activist and New Mom

Activist and new mom Brittany King says Access Living is her second home because it’s where she found her voice. She joined a peer support group for young women with disabilities at Access Living almost 10 years ago, building her confidence and self-advocacy skills. Today, she is a leader in Access Living’s Advancing Your Leadership Power, and she and her daughter, Lauren, are regulars at Access Living.

“Access Living is my second home,” says Brittany. “It’s where I found my voice.”

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