Budget work update -- May 17

For several months, advocates with disabilities and their supporters in Chicago and throughout Illinois have organized against proposed cuts to Human Services within Governor Quinn’s Budget.

These proposed cuts, including to the Home Services Program, Centers for Independent Living, and the Community Reintegration Program would severely limit the ability of thousands of people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes. As a result, many may be forced into large, institutional settings.

Through letters to the editor, calls and emails to legislators, and rallies in Chicago and Springfield, advocates have repeated the same message. Services that support people with disabilities in their own homes and communities save Illinois money and preserve an independent, inclusive lifestyle for people with disabilities.

Our hope is that the message is resonating with Springfield and with decision makers.

Until a final budget is passed, the advocacy work will continue throughout the state.

Tomorrow, as it has each Wednesday since March, Access Living will send another contingent of staff, consumers and supporters to the State Capitol, where they will rally and meet with legislators. The Access Living group will be joined by SEIU.

On Tuesday, May 24, leaders and organizations from the Developmental Disabilities community will hold at rally at 11 a.m. at the Thompson Center in Chicago (100 West Randolph).

Please see the related URL’s to the right for recent coverage of budget cut work.

To get involved, contact Access Living at 312-640-2100 voice, twilson@accessliving.org

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