Efforts to support people with disabilities in Japan impacted by earthquake

As you know, in March, Japan was hit with one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history. While it has been a grave situation for everyone in the affected areas, people with disabilities have been particularly hard hit. Stories from Japan include people who use power wheelchairs not being able to get around because of frequent power outages, and personal assistants not able to reach their disabled consumers due to blocked roads and significant fuel shortages.

Access Living is working with other disability groups to solicit donations for people with disabilities in Japan impacted by the earthquake. The United States International Council on Disability is coordinating the donation efforts.

USCID is “a federation of US-based non-governmental organizations, federal agencies and individuals committed to advocacy and action on behalf of the global disability rights agenda.”

Access Living’s President & CEO, Marca Bristo, is the President of USCID’s Board of Directors.

We urge everyone who would like to support people with disabilities in Japan to visit USCID’s site and a donation.

Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager