Contact Congress Today -- Housing Counseling Services in Jeopardy!


Housing is one of the most basic needs for everyone, whether or not you have a disability.

No matter who you are, finding quality housing can sometimes be a difficult search.

But for low–income people with disabilities, the search can be even tougher because affordable and accessible housing is so scarce.

Each month, hundreds of people with disabilities contact Access Living in search of affordable, accessible and integrated housing.

Though the process is sometimes long and difficult, Access Living's Housing Counselors walk people through the process of finding an accessible and affordable housing unit.

Without the housing counselors, hundreds of people with disabilities would be on their own and without a compass, forced to navigate on their own the challenging path toward securing a housing unit.

Without the housing counselors, many people with disabilities would be unable to find housing.

We need your help to ensure that the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development continues to support housing counseling.

The proposed Federal Budget now in Congress eliminates funding for HUD Housing Counseling.

This will affect thousands of people with disabilities looking for housing, not just in Chicago, but across the country.

Please call your U.S. Representative and ask him or her to restore the $88 million for HUD Housing Counseling in the 2011 Budget. The vote is happening this week, so please contact your U.S. Legislator today.

To find your elected official online, visit this site:

Or Call: 202–224–3121


  1. Ms Debra Moore hello. i am looking to offer housing service and would like info on how to get started on it,if you can send me any info please.thank moore
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