Take action on State Hearing Aid Bill


This year, the Illinois State Senate has been working to pass a hearing aid insurance bill (called SB 71) that would require insurers to cover hearing aids for all ages.

Sounds good, right?

BUT–––the bill's sponsor also added a bill amendment. The amendment changes the bill to say that insurers can add a premium (extra cost) to your regular private insurance cost to pay for your hearing aids. This means in order to have hearing aid insurance, insurers could ask that you pay extra just for hearing aid coverage. The amendment does not limit how much the cost of the premium would be. The insurance companies get to decide how much you pay every month to get a hearing aid.

We need to let the Illinois State Senate know that hearing aid insurance coverage must be included as part of regular insurance. We should not have to pay extra for insurance just for hearing aids–––we already have to save up or take out loans for hearing aids, so paying extra does not change anything for us.
We want hearing aid insurance coverage without extra cost!
SB 71 is not going to work for us the way it stands now.

We need your help.

Call or email the people below and say:

“Hello, my name is _________and I am very concerned about hearing aid insurance. Hearing aid insurance should cover everyone and we should not have to pay extra for hearing aids. I am against Senate Bill 71 because the amendment would make us pay extra for hearing aids. This is no different than what we already do–––save up or get loans for hearing aids. We need hearing aids covered by regular private insurance companies without have to pay extra. Please vote against Senate bill 71.”

Important people to contact:

1) Senate President John Cullerton
E–mail: john@senatorcullerton.com
Springfield phone (v): (217) 782–7260
Chicago phone (v): 773–883–0770

2) Senator Ira Silverstein
To email him, visit: http://www.senatedem.ilga.gov/index.php/contact–me–silverstein
Springfield phone (v): (217) 782–5500
Chicago phone (v): (773) 743–5015

3) Your State Senator: you can look it up at http://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/districtofficialsearchbyaddress.aspx.
Enter your address. The website will tell you who your elected officials are. Look for “State Senator.” Click on their name to get their contact info.


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