Tragedy in Arizona

With all of the work around Medicaid Reform, the upcoming Mayoral Election in Chicago, and the Illinois Budget, there has not been much dialogue at Access Living about the recent shootings and tragedy in Tucson, Arizona. Some of the media coverage is making a connection between the actions of the shooter and disability, perpetuating the idea that people with psychiatric disabilities are a threat to the community, and failing to account for other factors.

A few days ago, an Access Living employee posted this message on his facebook page:

one thing that has bothered me about the coverage of the shooter in AZ is the perceived role of mental illness; left out is the fact that people with mental illness are no more likely to be violent than the general population and the coverage is perpetuating negative and untrue stereotypes of mental illness.

The facebook page included a link to a blog called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ and a post titled “We are too quick to use ‘mental illness’ as an explanation for violence.”

The post is linked here.


  1. Gary Arnold Here are some more voices from the psychiatric disability community speaking out about what happened in Arizona and how it has been portrayed.
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