National Campaign to Stop cuts to Medicaid

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Call Toll Free at 1-888-245-0215 using the talking points below, and then Take Action to email key White House Officials.

As the White House and congressional leaders look for ways to trim federal spending, Medicaid is squarely on the chopping block. The National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA) and our allies are deeply concerned that the

The President has conveyed a willingness to identify $100 billion in Medicaid savings. This would mean less federal funding for already cash-strapped states, likely forcing state governments to reduce reimbursement rates and cut services.

The President needs to hear that there is strong opposition to arbitrary reductions to the Medicaid program and strong support for measures that contain costs while promoting the health, independence and civil rights of seniors and people with disabilities.


Call the toll-free White House comment line NOW
at 1-888-245-0215.

Tell the President that he should oppose arbitrary cuts to Medicaid that hurt seniors and people with disabilities and support meaningful Medicaid reforms that save money by:

Refocusing Medicaid spending away from higher cost institutional placements to meet beneficiary preferences for lower cost, preferred home and community-based services;

Reducing the costly medical bias in long-term services and supports and placing greater emphasis on the necessary functions for daily living;

Expanding consumer-directed service options and engaging beneficiaries more fully and effectively in their own care decisions;

Increasing care coordination of services for Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible beneficiaries; and

Reorganizing Medicaid to eliminate wasteful bureaucratic duplication and realign services based on functional needs.

The President needs to hear from you NOW.

*Call1-888-245-0215 toll-free and you'll be connected to the White House Comment Line.

*Then click on to email key White House officials

OR go to, click on the “Contact Us” link in the upper right hand corner of the home page and leave (or paste in) written comments.

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